Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life in Guaymas - viva la revolucion!

El Dia de la Revolucion
Keeping it all in perspective, one morning we were off to find the ‘good’ hardware store (recommended by fellow cruisers to find critical boat parts) and it was closed. We walked from the camion azul (blue circumnavigation bus) to the main drag for the next bus south, and literally walked into a major parade. We were so focused on our boat projects we didn't know that today was Day of the Revolution, so we had to ask the reason for the parade. Of course, this is a huge holiday here which as visitors, we should know. Teaches us to pay attention beyond our small world to look around and learn more history.

I cried as we watched the incredibly long parade - it was like the parades of old in the US for Memorial Day, when every kid was out in a costume or outfit and every group represented. Here it’s walking uniformly in school or sport uniforms - blaring music from the back of a pickup, banners proclaiming Tierra y Libertad - land and freedom. And the occasional float throwing candy (dulces). A great experience.

Chicken en Mole for Thanksgiving
We spent Thanksgiving with another cruising couple at our wonderful bungalow. Enjoyed our view of the sunset over the bay (beyond the Tecate beer billboard), rum rocks with lime, chicken en mole sauce. Not traditional but hey, a great, relaxing time with good friends.

Pura Vida is still so much a work in progress that we choose not to live aboard at the dry yard. It's dusty, dirty and with 4 huge golf cart batteries sitting in the salon waiting for install, electronics projects all about and stuff everywhere, it's not comfy for living. Call us snobs – others do it, but Mike did the liveaboard in Olympia for 6 months and no need to repeat right now.
Our salon is a staging area
for all of our projects!

Plus, we are stoked with our deluxe bungalow for $400/mo - it's 4 long bus rides daily roundtrip to the boat which adds to the adventure, two lovable barking daschhunds greet us at our gate after our dusty walk from the bus. So, we explore and live locally which we both totally enjoy.

We are the only TALL gringos in Guaymas! People stare at us on the bus, as we walk along the road, and at the stores. The gringos hang out in San Carlos, an hour bus ride away. This is the life we prefer and it costs less.

Feelin’ the Love on Pura Vida
Teak work, cleaning the bilge, painting the boards for our new propane locker (custom made boards built by the guy who sells bed frames along the highway). Oh and a million other projects dabbled on. Lighting, sound, alarms, safety.
Here we're pirating parts off a derelict boat
- tracks to run our staysail sheets
and the bowsprit which we're having
reworked into our stern pulpit (safety)

Our projects continue and progress is measurable. The categories of our many projects are: repairs, upgrades and maintenance. Extensive in each category, divided by time and skill set. Judy is learning about systems, power tools. Up and down our ladder multiple times/day to haul water, tools and parts. Not complaining, just a view of our lives over the last month.

Mike spends hours in the engine room doing the amazing things he does to fix mechanical and electrical systems. Our conversations revolve around check valves and rusty contact points. And rigging for our sails.

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  1. Hi mom just told me you are hand delivering goodness to us here to the Guayamas boat yard...just trying to verify if you'll be here on Thursday? Trying to make plans (ha ha) with another Pura Vida on the Baja side o' if you get this and can let us know when you'll arrive back to the boat here in Guaymas, we'd be so grateful! Oh and it's windy and in the 30's so don't stow away that Pac NW coats! See you soon.... Nancy & Ethan ( and Zada too!