Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A celebration of life: Myrna Goehler 1922-2013

Mike’s mother Myrna passed away peacefully on January 21st, shortly after her 91st birthday. Myrna was a wonderful, kind and gentle person with the best dry humor that kept you on your toes. She was a loving mother and Mike is fortunate to inherit her good genes.

In early January, we’d returned from Guaymas, Sonora to Portland to celebrate Myrna’s birthday on January 11th and for Mike to work at the Portland Boat Show. He’s working now as a yacht broker for Portland-based Passion Yachts.

After a busy week in Portland, we flew to Phoenix on the 15th and stayed with our good friends there before taking the Tufesa bus to Guaymas. On the day we planned to leave for Guaymas, Mike got the call from his sister that Myrna’s health was failing and we needed to head north. We made hasty arrangements to get our belongings to Mexico and flew to Portland for funeral preparations. The well-attended service was held on Friday, the 25th.

Meeting Myrna
I met the entire Goehler clan at a fudge making party on that fateful day in November 2001, when Mike and I first met and connected. His mom, bless her heart, came and sat between us as we started chatting. It was apparent that she approved of our connection. This photo is from our wedding reception in 2007.

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