Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pura Vida projects - Fall/Winter 2013

For those with a crazy curiosity of what we've been working on since our arrival in Guaymas in November, here's an overview of our projects!

Engine Room
- remove and rebuild 4 injectors
- rebuild engine oil and transmission oil cooler
- build extension for engine air intake
- install holding tank vent filter
- change engine oil – 5 times
- change transmission oil
- extensive clean of bilge then fiberglass and epoxy primer
- exhaust and raw water mixer repair and weld
- rebuild both starters
- had alternator bench tested

Forward V-berth cabin
- replace and repair door guides
- install storage hammock
- clean anchor locker and mark 30 ft increments on 280 ft of chain
- install seizing wire on anchor shackles

- install 2 DC fans
- replace and repair door guides
- revise storage systems
- install Sirius satellite and Kenwood radio and speakers
- have custom door built with built in speaker, oil to match teak
- install non-skid on cabin stairs
- perform maintenance on freezer system 

- install LEDs in 10 fixtures and main overhead light
- plug holes, stain teak walls
- rewire starboard solar panel
- repair wall in master suite

Stern Head
- replace dryrotted wood, caulk, repaint trim and walls
- install solar lights around inside of dodger

- remove caulk from entire perimeter, recaulk below teak toe rail
- clean and oil all teak - toe rail, deck. Bowsprit, windows, grab rails
- strip and varnish stern hatch doors
- strip varnish from cockpit teak trim and apply oil
- strip varnish from main cabin doors, sand and apply oil
- sand and varnish 3 oars

- replace dock lines with Top Knot (boat show special)
- polish 3 blade prop
- remove rust and paint propane tanks; sell extra
- reroute propane line into new propane locker
- rebuild windlass, paint exterior
- remove rust from windlass handle, paint and add silicone Rescue Tape
- strip and refinish all decks and cabin top; apply non-skid on decks
- cut, drill, paint steel frame for Sirius satellite antenna
- install GAM antenna on the standing rigging – Mike up the mast
- reinstall radar reflector – up the mast one more time
- design new solar panel supports
- install new face plate for engine instruments in cockpit
- repair engine oil and water temperature alarms
- remove unused instruments in cockpit and install cubbyhole for storage
- sew custom cover for cubby hole with German snap system
- replace stern hatch Lexan
- remove track from derelict catamaran for jib
- cut to size and install new track for jib, remove deck centered hardware
- remove bowsprit from derelict catamaran for stainless steel project
- install stainless steel stern pulpit from boarding gate to existing stainless framework
- install grab rail on binnacle
- repair man overboard pole
- build out propane locker with custom designed wood tray and divider
- install storage crate below mizzen boom with winch holder
- replace grill with working model
- devise sun screen system for rear cabin deck and install grommets
- sew new outboard cover and install alarm system with bells and chain
- sew rear hatch bugscreen
- resew kayak covers to expand capacity
- to add life to aging dinghy, apply primer and paint protection
- install new oarlocks and pins on dinghy

- remove embedded coral transported from Washington state
- apply fiberglass to repair hole in keel
- sand entire hull to bare fiberglass, apply epoxy primer, anti-fouling, and International bottom paint

- install new tachometer and rewire
- reinstall tested SSB radio
- install SSB GAM antenna and hardware
- install navigation software on PC and iPad

 Photos of some of our projects:

Southbound: Mazatlan to Banderas Bay

Brown Boobie roosting on our bowsprit as we head south

Eight days have passed since our Sunday morning arrival in the Mazatlan marina. Our non-stop transit time from Guaymas was 74 hours (vs. 81 predicted), as we made good time the first 2 days then winds on the nose the last day and a half. 

On arrival at the dock, we were greeted by cruising friends, Diane and Paddy. We’d met them in Newport OR on our mutual boating travels down the west coast in fall 2011. They also did the Baja Haha, so it was great to see their smiling faces!

Diane, Paddy and Mike
Arrival on St. Patrick’s Day found us fortunate to be invited to a beach-side authentic Irish feast, complete with corned beef and cabbage, celebrated with Paddy, who hails from Ireland, and Diane, who also lived there. Plus we had the great fortune to connect at the party once again with Nikki and John - fellow cruisers and friends from Alaska. It was grand to catch up, hugs all around. All in all, a great day.

This passage, we tried longer night shifts – 6 hours vs. 3 or 4. It's a long shift in the dark (for some of us) - long enough to watch the moon set and the stars dance across the night sky!  This is a new twist that we will replicate tomorrow as we head south to Banderas Bay/Puerto Vallarta area - although the moon is closer to full, so will illuminate the sea.

Women's restroom sink - keys are faucet handles
A day trip to El Quelite was a great success with Diane and Paddy, driven by local cabbie Enrique, who took us to Sinaloa’s only tequila factory, an extensive family-owned operation and on to the colorful pueblo of El Quelite, with its colonial charm, cobblestone streets traveled by horses, scooters selling tortillas and a few cars. Check out a few of our colorful photos at 

You are invited to view Mike Judy Goehler's photo album: El Quelite, Sinaloa, Mexico
El Quelite, Sinaloa, Mexico
Mar 24, 2013
by Mike Judy Goehler

We look forward to our return to Banderas Bay area, heading out Monday 3/25 at 5:30a. We'll be picking up Michelle and Tony on Friday at the airport for a week of fun and sailing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Setting sail for Mazatlan!

Seeing us off: wonderful friends Mel, Nancy and Birgit 

Sunday, 10 March 2013 
This morning I awoke to the song of a kingfisher and waves splashing against the hull – we’re on the water again! After more than 4 months of working on Pura Vida in the boatyard in Guaymas, our splash was a joy, a relief, a gift. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Guaymas and spending time with many friends, old and new, in the area.

Larry, Brad and Mike watching the travel lift

Not all work and no play: Mark and Mike during our hike to the beach
Mike and the Medicine Man
After our long awaited splash on Saturday, Birgit and Mark set us free from the ways on this windy Sunday morning at 9:20 with gusts to 24 knots, we exited slowly from the idyllic bay that has been our home port these months. 

As we departed the shallow bay at high tide from Marina Seca Guaymas, we passed Morningstar II and maneuvered around a couple of pangas (fishing boats) and the islands. Even at high tide, we cruised slowly in 3-4 ft of water.

Birdlife abounds in that lovely little bay with osprey, heron, egret, pelican, frigate, vultures and gulls skating on the breeze and gusts, while coots and diving ducks slip under the waves for breakfast treats. 

Getting serious about setting sail
Tomorrow we set sail directly southbound to Mazatlan! Estimated 81 hours transit time, at 5knots, we'll see how the winds cooperate to help us on our journey. Food's prepared for our 4 hour watches over these next 3 1/2 days, and it's been a while since we've done a journey of this duration so I feel a tinge of excitement and anxiousness.

As I sit on a hilltop overlooking the fish processing plant in Guaymas - climbed up here with my stool and computer in tow to get internet access - Mike is checking things one more time in the engine room (a place he has spend a considerable amount of time in these past few weeks. Such patience and fortitude to resolve engine issues and such!)

Mike hoisting our new US flag
Hopefully, the next post will be from Mazatlan or our destination for this leg of our journey, Puerto Vallarta / La Cruz.