Sunday, March 24, 2013

Southbound: Mazatlan to Banderas Bay

Brown Boobie roosting on our bowsprit as we head south

Eight days have passed since our Sunday morning arrival in the Mazatlan marina. Our non-stop transit time from Guaymas was 74 hours (vs. 81 predicted), as we made good time the first 2 days then winds on the nose the last day and a half. 

On arrival at the dock, we were greeted by cruising friends, Diane and Paddy. We’d met them in Newport OR on our mutual boating travels down the west coast in fall 2011. They also did the Baja Haha, so it was great to see their smiling faces!

Diane, Paddy and Mike
Arrival on St. Patrick’s Day found us fortunate to be invited to a beach-side authentic Irish feast, complete with corned beef and cabbage, celebrated with Paddy, who hails from Ireland, and Diane, who also lived there. Plus we had the great fortune to connect at the party once again with Nikki and John - fellow cruisers and friends from Alaska. It was grand to catch up, hugs all around. All in all, a great day.

This passage, we tried longer night shifts – 6 hours vs. 3 or 4. It's a long shift in the dark (for some of us) - long enough to watch the moon set and the stars dance across the night sky!  This is a new twist that we will replicate tomorrow as we head south to Banderas Bay/Puerto Vallarta area - although the moon is closer to full, so will illuminate the sea.

Women's restroom sink - keys are faucet handles
A day trip to El Quelite was a great success with Diane and Paddy, driven by local cabbie Enrique, who took us to Sinaloa’s only tequila factory, an extensive family-owned operation and on to the colorful pueblo of El Quelite, with its colonial charm, cobblestone streets traveled by horses, scooters selling tortillas and a few cars. Check out a few of our colorful photos at 

You are invited to view Mike Judy Goehler's photo album: El Quelite, Sinaloa, Mexico
El Quelite, Sinaloa, Mexico
Mar 24, 2013
by Mike Judy Goehler

We look forward to our return to Banderas Bay area, heading out Monday 3/25 at 5:30a. We'll be picking up Michelle and Tony on Friday at the airport for a week of fun and sailing.

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