Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Setting sail for Mazatlan!

Seeing us off: wonderful friends Mel, Nancy and Birgit 

Sunday, 10 March 2013 
This morning I awoke to the song of a kingfisher and waves splashing against the hull – we’re on the water again! After more than 4 months of working on Pura Vida in the boatyard in Guaymas, our splash was a joy, a relief, a gift. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Guaymas and spending time with many friends, old and new, in the area.

Larry, Brad and Mike watching the travel lift

Not all work and no play: Mark and Mike during our hike to the beach
Mike and the Medicine Man
After our long awaited splash on Saturday, Birgit and Mark set us free from the ways on this windy Sunday morning at 9:20 with gusts to 24 knots, we exited slowly from the idyllic bay that has been our home port these months. 

As we departed the shallow bay at high tide from Marina Seca Guaymas, we passed Morningstar II and maneuvered around a couple of pangas (fishing boats) and the islands. Even at high tide, we cruised slowly in 3-4 ft of water.

Birdlife abounds in that lovely little bay with osprey, heron, egret, pelican, frigate, vultures and gulls skating on the breeze and gusts, while coots and diving ducks slip under the waves for breakfast treats. 

Getting serious about setting sail
Tomorrow we set sail directly southbound to Mazatlan! Estimated 81 hours transit time, at 5knots, we'll see how the winds cooperate to help us on our journey. Food's prepared for our 4 hour watches over these next 3 1/2 days, and it's been a while since we've done a journey of this duration so I feel a tinge of excitement and anxiousness.

As I sit on a hilltop overlooking the fish processing plant in Guaymas - climbed up here with my stool and computer in tow to get internet access - Mike is checking things one more time in the engine room (a place he has spend a considerable amount of time in these past few weeks. Such patience and fortitude to resolve engine issues and such!)

Mike hoisting our new US flag
Hopefully, the next post will be from Mazatlan or our destination for this leg of our journey, Puerto Vallarta / La Cruz. 

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