Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saturday Night Live

Our newly refinished deck!
Just back from another day of boat work and a myriad of adventures - on the bus, at the market, at the store. Saturday and Sunday are work days for us, too.

Mike's new propane locker
at the stern. No more plastic
crates on our deck!
So on this Saturday on Pura Vida, it was teak work, cleaning the bilge, painting our new propane locker support board we had built by the guy on the highway who sells bed frames. Oh and a million other projects dabbled on. Progress is being made and the list is getting shorter. Some of these are maintenance, upgrades, others are mandatory repairs. All are labors of love.

New engine panel (R) and new fiberglass
cubbyhole(not in yet) to replace old gauges
that bumped you in the back
One of our friends wrote to be safe. Well, that's just a good idea and one we follow! Don't go out at night - more the fear of getting run over on the busy highway outside our driveway. And we are better about the buses - no such thing as a schedule but we learn more about getting around. 

Tonight we got off the 2nd bus at the Ley grocery store, of our 2 bus trip each way from the bungalow to the boat yard. We bought tequila and tortillas and a refrigerated pizza (sad but true) - navigating around the LOUD blaring music in the deli department where (seriously) cheese whiz, turkey dogs and unknown processed foods are being hawked by overweight women next to huge speakers squawking bad bump music in shopping carts. Are you getting the visual? It's part of the holiday extravaganzas at the stores.

We walked our 1/2 mile home and the quiet of our bungalow is magical. Our string of Christmas lights and our poinsettia brighten our space. Tequila on the rocks, AC and a hot shower. Now that's a great Saturday night.

Oh, and our latest Saturday night 'live' was spent perusing sailing hardware online at Garhauer Marine checking out boat parts.

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