Saturday, December 17, 2011

Topolobampo - gateway to Copper Canyon

Shrimpers abound as you enter the long and shallow harbor into this small village. The shrimp boats are tracked closely by pelicans hoping for a treat, and head out early in the AM for their catch. We scored 1/2 kilo of fresh prawns for dinner!
Any place with 5 vowels like my home town Oconomowoc, well, I just had to visit.
We spent a couple of nice days here before heading to Copper Canyon, first cleaning the boat (it's the first thing we do after sailing, esp across the choppy Sea of Cortez where Mike was soaked by a rogue wave), then reprovisioning, showering and trying to stay warm. It's "cold" here in Sinaloa, and even colder as we headed to 7,000 ft in Chihuahua.
Simple services, friendly staff and I am sitting at a plastic Coca-Cola table outside the marina office for internet. The staff are all excited about today's Christmas party, which they invited us to. They will have 2 pinatas (a huge Christmas thing) and as the cute office girl told me "y cantamos Karoake" - sing, and no doubt eat great food. Sorry to miss it! Karaoke machine being installed by 3 guys and the requisite dog (they are everywhere!)
We head today at noon for 48 est. hours to Mazatlan.

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