Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Discovering BCS (Baja California Sur, MX)

Greetings from La Paz: truly the city of peace and beautiful destination (although when the winds howl at us at 30 knots like the Northerlies hitting us right now, it's darn windy here...).

As we moor in cozy Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, away from the big winds and in a deluxe moorage (with the exchange rate, it's inexpensive for us cruisers), we are enjoying a dinner of radish greens (really, good - just purchased today at Farmer's Market), with the last of our "stock of goodies" - bratwurst from San Diego and chocolate from Trader Joe's. Vestiges of US life.

I know we have been remiss in updating our blog, however we are living and learning at 120 MPH. Life is fast, rich and full - "muy rico". Catching on to local customs, language, VHF communications (the "net"), shopping (50 stories right there!!!), moorage and marina life and so much more takes a lot of time, energy and concentration. My Spanish improves daily - I now have taxi drivers helping my Spanish grammar... And it's truly as Steve Martin said when in France: "it's like they have a different word for everything".

The weather controls our lives now so you deal with whatever comes. Travel changes to meet the demands of the sea, winds and tides.
Nov 4: safe arrival in Cabo San Lucas!! What a venture south.

Spent 4 nights on the hook (at anchor in the bay outside the city) and finally scored a slip in the marina for a few days to wash the boat, wash ourselves, take on water in our tank, have electricity (!) to charge toothebrushes and have more lights, and walk the docks. When we anchor out, we "dinghy in" for land excursions.

We moved north into Sea of Cortez from Cabo (which has changed drastically since our last dive trip there in '03!):
- Bahia los Frailes (Bay of the Monks) 4 days, many stories
- Ensenada de lost Muertos (Cove of the Dead) - 2 nights, many stories
- Caleta Lobos - outside of San Lorenzo Harbor - 1 night
- Marina de La Paz - 7 nights
- Isla Espiritu Santo (with Teresa and Dan from Portland) - 3 nights
- Marina Costa Baja - back in La Paz
One of the pools at Marina Costa Baja - hot tub in the background. Great place to catch a margarita and the sunset!

Next destination 12/8 (my mom's  BD): we head north across the Sea of Cortez to Topolobampo with new found friends from Canada (they did the Baja Haha with us but only recently met). We plan to explore the famous Copper Canyon inland via train and bus for a few days.

Then we proceed south along the mainland coast to Mazatlan which we understand is rich in history.
Colorful marzipan candies and all things Christmas on an open cart along the city streets of La Paz.
Then, we cruise for 2 more days to Puerto Vallarta where we will spend Christmas (!) with Lisa and John from Orcinius, new friends we met in Vancouver in June (thanks to Ilene)


I am not able to just provide a photo link for our google web albums on picasa. Irritating. So, if you go to this album, then select home you will see all of the albums we've uploaded. Lots more photos, not enough time to upload yet.


  1. Ah! Christmas in Puerto. That is the life. sounds like you guys are covering a lot of ground. Don't forget to find a place you like and relax.

  2. Pretty exciting times! I'd love to hear more about the Whale Shark! And very cool photos (the 1st link seems to work just fine). Must have been fun with the baby turtles. Hope you found the lost pan. Fair winds my friends!

  3. Love following your trip this way. You two are role model for how to live life to the fullest!