Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home of Zorro: Posada del Hidalgo in El Fuerte, Sinaloa

Zorro was born in El Fuerte - who knew? His home is now heralded in the Posada del Hidalgo, and we really enjoyed our days here. El Fuerte was 2 bus rides from Topolobampo, on the way to the Copper Canyon. Spent 2 days in El Fuerte, celebrated the national holiday of Virgen de Guadalupe, then 6-7 hours by Chepe (Chihuahua Pacifico) train up into beautiful mountains and copper-colored canyons filled with desert foliage and incredible vistas!

Bill, captain of Tahnoo, jesting with Zorro, who appeared during happy hour!

Check out our Picasa photos of this very cool hotel, where we bargained for 1/2 price rooms - the power of booking 3 rooms. We traveled with new friends from Canada - from the Baja Haha we met in La Paz: sailing vessels Tahnoo and Borboleta, both hailing from Vancouver. 

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