Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rock 'n' roll into 2017!

Puerto Vallarta photo op
We took a break from our projects to meet up with Michelle & Tony in Puerto Vallarta.  We couldn't get there in time on Pura Vida, so the extensive bus services carried us south to Banderas Bay. This entailed a 2 day bus trip each way - can you say sore bum? We stopped in Mazatlan to visit Kirsty and Patrick and their baby, Perla, British cruising friends we'd met in Guaymas over the years. Then an overnight trip that brought us to the bustling Puerto Vallarta bus station at 7AM.

The fantastic pool & hot tub
We enjoyed 10 days at a condo in La Cruz, one of our favorite cruising areas. It was odd to be there on land and see the boats in the anchorage. We enjoyed the pool, the vistas, the fabulous kitchen and the hot tub. Walked a ton, took the bus to downtown PV, to Punta Mita and all points in between. Twice we walked the beach from La Cruz to Bucerias, about 6 miles along the rocky and sandy beaches.
New shoes
Shoe repair shop in Bucerias
On the first trip, my sandal totally blew out so I bought some shoes, thankfully found a pair my size at the market that didn't have 4 inch heels and covered in bling. Michelle and I walked through the barrio above the highway to the shoe repair guy. 30 pesos ($1.50) and a half hour later, I had a "new" Chaco which served me well. If I could have found the place again, I wanted to take him a Christmas Rosca de Reyes to say thank you.
Rosca de Reyes cake

We went ziplining in the mountains beyond Puerto Vallarta above the River Cuale, where we dipped into the river on the last zipline. We rode mules to get back up the canyon, followed by tequila tasting and fabulous nachos.

We headed back north via different bus lines, stopping in San Blas to visit our wonderful cruising friends there, then on to Tepic and an 18 hour ride to Guaymas.

And now we are back on board on the hard, Mike finishing the installation of our new non-leaking port on New Year's Day, and he continues working on the genset project in the engine room. I've finished polishing our stainless, sanding the bottom of the boat and will do the bottom paint project. First, cleaning the teak toe rail and all teak up top.
We are optimistic for a great 2017 and wish you and yours the best for this new year!

I got the stubborn mule, of course. Mike's kept bumping into mine to get him to MOVE. Andale, vamonos - my Spanish didn't help.

Geared up for the jungle trip

 Zipping with glee through the jungle!
Mike in the tucked position
Guacamole after shopping and our walk to Bucerias

Jerry's taco stand across from the airport. Welcome!

View from the condo to Banderas Bay

The boys having a cigar at the Cuban bar

Tableside guacamole at Pipi's

Punta de Mita beach

Yep, having some fun now
Light in a restaurant bathroom - careful

Happy New Year to you!


  1. Fun holidays in Banderas Bay! Brenda's glad she's not the only one who gets the stubborn mule sometimes;) Happy New Year!

  2. Know all about sore bum - just got back from a cycling trip in Vietnam and Cambodia. Happy New Year !
    John and Geraldine - Sea Reach

  3. I love reading about your adventures! You both look great!