Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New dinghy davits
Having santa fun in the dirt yard
We've completed a month in Mexico and repairs are coming along nicely on Pura Vida. This year, we celebrate 6 years since our life changing experience of purchasing a boat! Who knew how drastically every aspect of our lives would be impacted by this transition. We love it with all of the trials and tribulations.

This year also celebrates 40 years since Pura Vida launched from the Islander Freeport factory to her life on the water. We are proud to be her owners and happily serve as her caregivers, as she is ours when we are on board.
Sanding and prepping the prop

This year's projects include refit the genset, replacing a leaky port, adding new davits to support our Walker Bay dinghy (see Christmas photo), repairing our dodger, and lots more you don't want to know about...
Potluck at sunset - great times, great food!

Mike's well worn shorts
cleaning and painting generator parts
The Christmas celebrations are underway in Mexico, including Our Lady of Guadalupe this past week. The stores are filled with music, food, gifts and Santa, colorful lights and so much more. Here's this year's lard display at Ley. Always one of my favorites.

bring on the lard!

ceviche en masse - delicioso

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  1. Mmmm, the lard looks delicious! Fun to see you two and your ongoing journey and various adventures! Make waves! Hugs n smiles, your former crew, Jan (PS - just completed the tests for my Captains license!)