Sunday, November 8, 2015

Road Trip? Check. Adventures? Check.

Well, when you're ready for a road trip, why not drive to Mexico? We've begun our travels south to reach Pura Vida. She safely awaits us in Guaymas, Sonora, having been spared from the rains, hurricanes and big winds. Like so many boat owners in Mexico this fall, all eyes anxiously on Hurricane Patricia, a huge relief when it curtailed.

We are ready for some sailing, fun and sun in the Sea and this year, we'll go as far south as Puerto Vallarta to pick up our new mizzen sail.

Summer was fruitful and hectic with 8 jobs between the 2 of us. We both worked pretty much 6-7 days / wk and moved 3 times, continuing the ordeal of living out of duffel bags for the 4th year. We did unpack a bunch of boxes from our storage unit, downsized even more then happily moved into a great floating home we'd rented before. Alas, the home sold in 3 weeks of our moving in, so we moved yet again but it did allow us to enjoy and sort through some sorely missed belongings. We are very thankful to our incredible friends who helped us through our living situations once again.

As fall arrived and we started thinking about sunshine, we lucked out amazingly with an unplanned opportunity to purchase our own floating tiny house! It's in a nice moorage on Hayden Island. We signed docs just last week and will now have a place to return to when we head back to work in the spring. Let the projects begin.
Sunset from house 2 of 3 we lived in

Great reminder (thanks to Ang & Don)

We actually went sailing a couple times

WI capital building
Our 8th wedding anniversary

My brother's back yard in WI on 20 acres

Bounty at the Farmer's Market in Madison WI
Mike's sister & husband and 143# Zeke
under the grape arbor
at sister Joan's
In the Sierra Nevada mts - great vistas

A keeper - 1st hint of our home purchase

Our next quest: fixing up our tiny home on Hayden Island

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