Sunday, November 29, 2015

Much to be thankful for!

Wearing our new Pura Vida hats - gifts from my brother's
visit to Pura Vida Cafe in Vallecito CO
We launched on Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for and we are happy to be on the water once again after 18 days on the hard in the dusty dry yard. All the boat prep takes more time than you’d like but for us, everything must be done for our launch and prep for a nice liveaboard experience.
We couldn't bring our new dinghy south with us (always stories...),
so scored a great deal on a small dinghy here

On Thursday, while we did not have turkey or the fixin’s, we did score a couple pieces of amazing homemade pumpkin pies. Other than that, the holiday passed without much fanfare. We both got food poisoning 2 weeks ago then got somewhat better. Shortly thereafter, we did a major cleaning project which did me in and apparently set off something in my system. I contracted salmonella! So the idea of sharing a potluck with our associates in the dry yard on American Thanksgiving wasn’t in the cards for me.

The mural in Dr. Sanchez office - nice welcome!
I haven’t been this sick since 2002 and now believe much of my pains, aches and limited abilities are due to the prescribed antibiotic, Cipro. It’s been a tough series of 8 days since diagnosis and while Dr. Sanchez says my “hemoglobins are better”, my symptoms are not. I did not know I could sleep this much and still be this achy tired. OK, enough of my whining, I am just used to having a ton of energy and not being sick. I am on day 8 of 10 of the antibiotic and hope for the best once day 11 begins: reduced swelling, redness, achiness and all those really appealing characteristics one seeks out in a life / boat partner!

It’s such a great experience to have amazing, supportive friends who are helping out.
Some of our amazing friends! 

It must be holiday time here. The stores are starting to blare loud music, they're bringing out the sky high lard and turkey hot dog displays, and don't forget your tequila party in a box, complete with Squirt and a bag o' chips. Si, si si - let's party! 

We are waiting for a few days for the boat to settle into the water and Mike will tune the rigging before we head south on our journeys. We are deciding whether we’ll cross over to the Baja or do a straight run down the mainland coast. With my job, I need to have internet access most of the time so that will limit where we go.

And go we will, where the winds take us!

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  1. Loved the pic of you two with the Pura Vida hats and of course, Mike styling the Verdura Culinary Gardens chard shirt!