Monday, February 2, 2015

When Otto doesn’t want to Auto

Mike, Cynthia and our Linear Drive Module

We don’t name a lot of stuff on Pura Vida but sometimes an item earns it, deserves special recognition or has a personality. In the case of Otto, a trustworthy companion that’s part of our life and that we rely on, it’s the name we’ve given our autopilot. For those who don’t know the significance of an autopilot on a sailboat, it provides freedom and flexibility. It’s how we set our course and stick to it. Otto is great for singlehanding when we’re on a passage, for tacking or making adjustments or allowing you the requisite “bio-break” so you can leave the helm to take a pea or grab a snack during your shift. Important things when on a long or night passage and your partner is catching some zzz’s.

With Otto not working, your hands are on the wheel non-stop to maintain a course (which on rough seas is a good workout). So, in 2011 we made the investment in Seattle for a heavy duty Raymarine unit thinking it would last us a good long time. You can imagine our surprise when that was the system that decided to quit after only three years when we left on New Year’s Eve from Guaymas. Back again to the dock and over a month later, we’re still working on making Otto happy.

Nary a complaint shall dare spill forth from the crew on Pura Vida, as Mike and I enjoy a warmer winter than our northern friends (although it’s chilly of late and actually rained this week!). We’re learning more about autopilots, having fun, spending time with friends old and new, doing boat projects, hiking and exploring. It’s been a great month, just not on the open seas watching for whales and dolphins.

A welcoming doorway in Alamos 

Alamos at the music festival

We’re flexible and have a sense of humor – two personality traits that are critical for boat owners everywhere. And plenty of our friends are having their own “boat fun”…so the stories never end.

There’s a long saga associated with Otto’s demise, better shared over a beer or perhaps, best left untold.
Hiking Nakapule Canyon with  Connie & Scott/Traveler

4 wheeler taco stands

Help these hats escape from jail

Ahhh, morning Nescafe

Huapango music at Alamos

String Quartet poster at Alamos Music Fest

Traveling minstrels late evening in Alamos
Tequila-carrying burro

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