Monday, January 5, 2015

Crossing on a Waxing Gibbous – Now it’s Waning

Ham Sandwiches on Christmas Eve on Goldenheart
As with many parts of North America, we are experiencing rather chilly and windy weather in northern Mexico. Since our travels are always dictated by weather, we’ve been waiting for the right weather window to cross the Sea of Cortez to the Baja. Then there was Christmas and before you know it, it’s the end of December, the moon has achieved waxing gibbous and we
anticipate the enjoyment of a moonlit crossing.

My newly created rope mat - thanks for teaching me, Fran!
Rope mat against the patterned dock
On 12/30, we headed out and engine problems made us turn back that afternoon. We were greeted back at the dock by several friends who had just seen us off with music and shouts of good wishes. The next day, we’re fixed and ready to go when clouds fill the sky, wind picks up briskly and the weather changed for the worse, a day earlier than expected. We reassess our options. One more review of multiple weather sites show big winds on the Baja for the next 6 days. The 20 hour crossing was estimated to be a reasonable but cold passage and we’d probably be tucked into San Juanico for a week - not a bad way to start the new year but figured we'd stay put and hang with our many friends in Guaymas!
New Year's Day bus driver's change box
Guaymas bus ride - none of the gauges worked - who needs 'em? 

I was reminded of Dorothy clicking her red shoes together, saying “there’s no place like Guaymas, there’s no place like Guaymas.”
At the mercado before Christmas
Shopping at Empalme with Mel
 And so we spent New Year’s Eve on SV Gitana, with 13 of us tucked in their cockpit for the holiday evening, telling stories and being merry. Very fun!! This also provided the opportunity to watch New Year’s Day bowl games with my Wisconsin Badgers and the Oregon Ducks winning their respective games.

Now we are ready to head south on Tuesday 1/6, the weather is looking good but we'll check again before untying the dock lines. Off we go to seek our next adventures.
New Years bowl games - photo compliments of Larry

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