Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring Bahia de Banderas

We are loving Banderas Bay – staying on the north end in La Cruz. Been here since New Years’ Eve and busy ever since with hosting friends from Portland, seeing many cruisers who made the trip south with us on the Baja Ha-Ha and have now become cruising friends, working on boat projects (they never end, I can assure you). There are so many stories to share and I wish I had time to write them all down, or a few of them anyway. Every day, I intend to spend time online and writing my stories but life is full of adventure and the computer does not beckon enough when compared to astonishing sunrises and sunsets; happy hours spent exploring with friends; outdoor movies; hikes along the beach and learning about the region.
Check on Google Earth to see that Banderas Bay is huge - and a wonderful place for wintering humpbacks. Calves being born and it's a busy time with the mating season for next year. Went to a whale seminar yesterday - very interesting! Also whale watching from our sailboat and when we went scuba diving last week.
So many stories and not much time to write. Here are a few photos to show some of our adventures, of which there are many!
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