Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Shopping!

January 24 was a big bus trip to Chedraui, one of the grande shopping stores – kind of like a Fred Meyer, Mexican style. 

Seriously, Trisha deciding choices in the dried bean aisle!
I invited Trisha to join me in today's  experience: bus ride which often includes a guitar player or other entertainment looking for pesos, the hike to the bus then grocery store, amazing food choices many of which we don’t know but are often willing to try, a bus trip back laden with bags of goodies and the long haul down cobblestone streets to the marina.

Once back at the marina, the work starts. Remove all cardboard packaging to avoid cockroaches getting on board; soaking fruits and veggies before they come on board; storing eggs and rotating every few days to stay fresh – non refrigerated; storing foods in plastic or Debbie Meyer green bags to retain freshness.

Most shopping is done locally at the "aberrotes" - local grocery stores. Fresh eggs, cheese cut to order at the cash register, fresh veggies. Other local shopping includes the meat market; fish market; tortiilla shops = very cool to watch them make corn tortillas. You can also buy flour tortillas.

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