Monday, December 24, 2018

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo a todos!

 Christmas cheer from the bustling town of Empalme! Yesterday, we trekked to the large open air Sunday market with friends, providing the perfect backdrop for our Christmas photo. Yep, they sail everything from washing machines to used clothing to an autographed Justin Bieber guitar! Nope, I didn't buy it.

Hola from the land of sunshine and mariachi music. We arrived in Guaymas on Thanksgiving, just in time, literally for the boat yard potluck. Great fun to see so many friends we've missed during our months working in Portland.

We've been here a month now and have been working away on projects while we carry on a busy social life, seeing friends from so many walks of life who all share this love called boating.

lowering 4D batteries, 1 x 1
This year, many upgrades are in process and some are completed on board Pura Vida. We replaced all 7 large ports in our salon area, a huge difference with no more crazed glass and no leaking; we had the famous diesel mechanic, Omar, rebuild the transmission this summer and Mike continues to work on adjoining upgrades and fixes to make the engine work well. Luis is building us a new mixing elbow.

Installing the new batteries
New battery installation mean we should be enjoying more consistent and long lasting power from our very important solar panels. Removing the old, huge 4D batteries required Alejandro's assistance along with boom support to lower those old lugs off the boat into the dirt below.

Out with the old, in with the new

measuring the new mixing elbow
Our Weems & Plath gauges rock - added a comfortmeter this year

Pepe adding another layer of sealant on the new ports

Taping and adding adhesive 
The other big project completed this summer was the revamp of the deck - hull joint, which again, should mean no water leakage into the boat. A multi-step process, for sure.

The fun continues for us, lest you think it's all work.

Tostada Campechaneada - just say YES! Si Si Si

Coctel King

Mariscos Miramar with Echo
And we are getting our topsides painted, we hope starting this week - with the illustrious crew of Alejandro, Alejandro and Aldo. All supplies ready for their post-Christmas work.

Our recent trip to Nogales AZ was like Christmas for us, picking up various packages of exciting things like SS 316 screws, epoxy primer and cables. And new 42x22 mini binoculars rock - perfect for our morning birdwatching walks, which have been quite successful - sightings include lots of black crowned night heron, great blue and little blue heron, egrets, oystercatchers, kingfishers, osprey, peregrine falcon, dowitchers, grebes and more. And we haven't even launched our boat yet!

Many warm wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday and prosperous and healthy new year!


  1. Feliz Navidad. You two rock. Great projects to check off your list. Hugs to you both.

  2. Thank you Mel and,Larry. So sorry we missed you on your way south! Cheers to you both for 2019! Hugs!!

  3. Feliz Navidad right back to you! always great to read about your adventures, I enjoyed reading about your travels in Spain as well, esp. the parades - the parades!!! they put us to shame!
    We are still moored on Quadra Island & enjoy exploring the local coastline. This summer we also had the opportunity to sail on Lake Erie with Mary Jane - on her little 25 ft. boat Mellow Yellow!
    Best for 2019, luv Brenda & Bill