Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dolphin Feeding Frenzy

We enjoyed many peaceful, sometimes calm nights at anchorages on the Baja, soaking up the beauty of our surroundings, amazing colors of the sea, wildlife and the vibrant night sky. One night in Santispac, Bahia Concepcion, we had the fortune to be in the middle of a dolphin feeding frenzy. We heard some erratic bumping against the hull. As you might guess, worth checking it out…It was a still evening, so we knew it wasn’t swells. In fact, it was so calm Mike thought the banging was our anchor snubber slapping against the hull, not pulled tight as happens when it’s windy. We ventured onto the deck, checked out the star-filled night waiting for our night vision to settle in. Eyes downward, we peered into the dark, gray yet illuminated water swirling around our hull. What the heck? We think we were in the middle of a bait ball and the dolphins were enjoying the feast. Bathed in their bioluminescence, multiple dolphins zoomed into the fish and crossed port to starboard, bow to stern, all angles, all illuminated and feeding like crazy. The poor fish were also zooming about, bumping into the hull and doing their best to avoid their demise. Mike thought he heard them call out: help me!

What a trip! I must say that incredible nature experience ranked right up there with my night scuba dive with manta rays in Hawaii. Nature at its most amazing. Sorry, no photos were possible - it was a "live in the moment" memory.

And speaking of photos, our friends on SV Echo captured these photos from their dinghy as we departed Bahia San Carlos on February 15th, heading across to the Baja. Thank you for the great photos!

During our time in San Carlos, Mike discovered the need to get the support bracket for our generator rewelded. On the morning VHF net, we learned the name of the shop to do the work so we called and made an appointment. As usual, this is me using my best Spanish to talk smartly about welding and generator parts hoping I get the message across. We walked along the main road heading out of town until we found their cyclone fenced yard. We arrived early and stopped for a cold juice at the Cocos stand next door waiting until the gate opened. We entered and talked with Jorge, who immediately got to work efficiently welding the parts while we waited (nice!). Then, Jorge called to say he was in his office. We said, and we are here at your office, talking with Jorge. Jorge replied, well my office is my truck and I’m still on my way and that’s my brother Jorge you’re talking to. As you might imagine, we were confused but hey, the welding was being done and we wondered if we wandered into the competitor’s welding shop by mistake?

Turns out, the guys are both named Jorge (that’s George) and they truly are identical twins. Same build, same curly dark hair, same smile, same tattoos. Their mother named them both Jorge! Super nice guys and we know next time we need a welder, we’ll call Jorge and see who we talk to. Another great Mexican vendor experience.

Heading west in Feb - life is good! First sail up.
We enjoyed almost 2 months on the Baja with many incredible experiences and plenty of nice people along the way. Internet was spotty at best so I am behind on my writing. I have so many stories to tell, just no time now to pen them.  Photos will have to suffice to tell a bit of our story for now. 

Full moon over La Paz, BCS - March

Full moon over Guaymas, Sonora - April
Hiking at Isla Coronados

Great cacti everywhere

San Javier Mission - built over 300 years ago!

The bar at Puerto Escondido. Great views!

That's a mama whale and her baby behind our boats in the anchorage! We could see them moving across the bay behind us as our hike took us up to the volcano cone

Hiking at Isla Monserrat

Pelican Paradise at Isla Monserrat

Fish flour being hand loaded into a container bound
for China, in Guaymas at the boat yard

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