Thursday, May 18, 2017

Zero to 60 … in just 60 years

Our backyard - the river is slowly
receding as the rains slow down 
As noted in our last post, we made the trek north to Portland in early March – way before it was wise to return to the incessant rain and cold temps! Always a hard adjustment to wearing shoes after sandals all winter, but donning winter woolies really has been the norm. Many asked us, why did you come back so early?  

Captain Mike
(showing off his newly earned shirt)
All worth it, though, as Mike earned his 100-Ton Captain’s license in March and has been actively working in that capacity since, in a variety of jobs. 
The most recent is the addition of being a Captain on the BrewBarge - check out, taking groups out on a paddlewheeler where 10 bicyclists propel the boat on the Willamette River whilst drinking beer. Yep, it looks like fun.

He’s also been teaching sailing lessons and this weekend, will take additional course work so he can teach advanced ASA sailing classes at Passion Yachts.

We’ve both returned to the retail world of West Marine to help fund our apparent addiction to buying boat parts, where Mike unloads the truck in the early morning and I work in clothing, footwear, accessories and doing some cashier work. The glamour never stops and it’s a good thing we work with some great people. We are also both working as handymen for hire to help our income stream.

I am doing freelance marketing, working with a number of clients. Now marketing opportunities are really focused on digital media including social media and SEO, which is ever-changing.

Local family entertainment
On the home front, river living brings us both great joy. A heron pranced across our deck yesterday and the hummingbirds have found our feeders.
Although home projects aren’t nearly as intense as last year’s multi-month remodeling, Mike just had the unplanned opportunity to change the sump pump under the deck at our floating home. Not as sweet smelling as some of our boat projects... I’m always so thankful he’s versatile and handy at, well, everything.

For our dining pleasure, we invested in a trough as our garden. Veggies are already showing up, assuming the rains and cold weather subside and the plants stand a chance of making it to 2+”. Beans, lettuce, sugar peas, even strawberries and herbs. Eating like kings one day.
Urban gardening, floaty style

And the Zero to 60 reference? 
Mike’s 60th birthday looms on June 1st. He’s pleased to have made it this far, and we will celebrate with a week-long trip to visit friends on 4 islands in Canada and Washington! 

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