Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween - Time to head south

Our first and only selfie on our 9th Anniversary

We are so happy to have a small home that is our own. It’s been a great transition into a community of 71 floating homes.

Because we face ‘inside’ on the river, we enjoy the private, wooded shoreline where the occasional raccoon family tromps on by at low tide. Kayaks, paddle boards and the occasional dinghy are our only traffic – besides low flying heron and hustling birds. Our friends and neighbors will keep an eye on the place while we travel.

Packing up our boat stuff
We are heading south after 3 Nov, the last work day for both of us. I had to quit my job, they didn't want a traveling minstrel this year and I respect that. So I interviewed my replacement for the job description I wrote. It’s a crazy thing to quit when you have a "good job" yet I am OK with moving on.

We’re loading up the car, heading to Pura Vida in Guaymas, Sonora. We’re anxious to ensure she’s survived the rains and wrath of Hurricane Newton. Every trip N and S brings new adventures. We love seeing friends and exploring as we go.

Early October, I enjoyed my annual trip to Wisconsin to spend time with my family. The trek to the Madison UW campus is always filled with great memories of glorious youth and college life.

Happy Halloween!

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