Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting our taco fix

Bundled up for my night watch

Dolphins at sunset

Calm sea - cloud reflection

Incredible hour long sunset with popcorn pink clouds

Our 23.25 hour passage across the Sea of Cortez was calm, pleasant with light sailing to help with our safe arrival in Guaymas. Lots of red tide all day and night so no wildlife with the exception of a small pod of dolphins at sunset. And the sunset - one of the best ever. We took so many photos!

Trying to photograph the quick moving dolphins!

We arrived in the early morning, avoided the fishing nets and shrimpers in the Guaymas area and scored the last slip at the Fonatur marina, where we worked our butts off for 2 days to prep for our haul out.

The sunset ooohs and aaahs from the crew were non-stop
Haul out on Saturday 8AM was thankfully uneventful and we are safely on the stands in the "new" dry yard. In between work projects, we are getting our major fix of tacos from the myriad of wonderful vendors that Guaymas has no shortage of.

We are living in the dirt yard until we depart in the next couple of days for a new chapter in our NW lives. This chapter features moving into our new tiny floating home! Although heading north "early", we have a lot to look forward to. Of course, including seeing friends and the

Happy Captain doing happy hour at the end of a long work day.
Behind him, construction of the music conservatory is going fast.
In the ways awaiting the lift. Mike had to turn us around to back
into the lift because of our boat configuration.
Yep, 36,000 lbs turns on a dime (or ten pesos).

Heading for the barn after some great sailing adventures.
We will officially no longer be 'homeless' as we have been the last five years. It's a huge deal for us. Come check out our new digs if you're in Portland.

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