Sunday, January 17, 2016

Enjoying the fun that is ... Mazatlan

Fast moving dolphins are hard to photograph
Our 36+hour trip south from Topolobampo to Mazatlan was uneventful, thankfully. We shared the company of dolphins and blue footed boobies. One boobie roosted on our mast for at least 12 hours, well into the night, pooping all over our deck.
Mermaid on the malecon

We enjoyed our time in Mazatlan working on boat and Judy’s work projects,
Changing weather

Blue footed boobie getting a free ride on the mast

On the way to Puerto Vallarta
spending time with friends and finally, took New Year’s Eve for ourselves to explore starting with a long bus ride to and through this bustling city of unending contrasts: old and new, the sea and the barrio, bright sandy beaches and short dark alleys, glorious and sad, expensive and cheap, loud and peaceful. 

The list goes on. It’s a living montage you’re too busy absorbing to even take photos. We like Mazatlan for all these reasons and more. It’s also a welcome place for all types of boats and a busy commercial port.

New Year's Eve
At the end of the bus line, we hopped off in the bustling market area where you can find anything including a great purchase from the “shrimp ladies” on a side street. We walked forever along the sea wall, the hilly streets and backstreet barrios and eventually were beckoned by a sign promising the best margarita and the best guacamole. That’s a challenge we must accept! This colorful sidewalk cafĂ©, La Copa de Leche (cup of milk), delivered. We sat watching people and the waves across the street when I was surprisingly coaxed into a fabulous pair of earrings by a passing street vendor with a black case full of silver; a guy who needed just one sale to make his day (I may have been his only sale that day so it was a win-win).
Haircut in Mazatlan

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