Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seven years strong and heading south again

Rotary Club wine tasting with friends
Monday marked our seventh wedding anniversary and we continue having a blast together! We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of our family and friends who made 9/22/07 an incredibly special day.

At work on the dock at Passion Yachts
As the years fly by, we continue our quest for adventure and fun. Thankfully, we made the decision to head south again to sail in Mexico. This summer a few full time job opportunities for Judy came along but didn’t come to fruition, allowing us to make our southbound decision. While many ask when we’ll sail beyond Mexico, for now it’s the right place for us as our lives continue to be split between work in Portland and exploration in Mexico.

Days of our Lives: In our attire at West Marine
Portland summer’s been hot and hectic, both working lots of hours and living the vagabond life. We’ve lived in 3 places finally settling into a small furnished apartment mid-July where we finally unpacked our duffle bags.

Nancy & David visited on their way back to Mexico
We both worked at Passion Yachts again – Mike continues honing his skills as a sailboat broker and Judy coordinates sailing lessons for the many people ready to discover a new world. And we’ve both been working since May at West Marine in the world of retail. Judy’s marketing business, Island Marketing, is also thriving as she helps businesses grow.

Julie & Craig on the Columbia

Rooster Rock on the Columbia
We did have 4 days when neither of us had to work, attending Mike’s family reunion, going boating with good friends on Labor Day, a Rotary wine tasting where we won the Bocce tournament, and the July 4th Waterfront Blues Festival.

With all of the devastation on the Baja peninsula, we extend our thoughts and prayers to our many friends in Mexico and to the sailors who lost their lives there. We are fortunate that Pura Vida was out of the direct hit of Odile.
Judy joined the OR Women's Sailing Association
 - on the water with Captain Steve

Sailing into the sunset - Hunter 33
Capt Steve's spinnaker

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