Friday, February 7, 2014

Blessing of the fishing fleet

In Bucerias - the annual blessing
of the fishing fleet
Fishing is the major income source for the locals in this area on Banderas Bay (La Cruz, Bucerias) and they bless their fleet of fishing vessels every February, with decorating of the boats, coming to shore at high speed, and the blessing ceremony at the church for a good fishing season. It's quite the to do, and we were there to see the action.
the parade of boats before they plow into the sand at high speed

In La Cruz, the fishing dock, where the
procession of fishing pangas
started. The fleet goes to church for
the blessing

seriously crazy margaritas in
Puerto Vallarta with our
group of friends!

Mike being serious
surveying our table
 We were coaxed by friends to join them at a famous tourist place in Puerto Vallarta where the margaritas are as big as a house, the meals are huge and the music is loud! A very popular spot for 'turistas'. The tableside-made guacamole rocks.
Marni and Pete getting ready

fast action: tableside
made guacamole!

and of course, the mariachi band serenading our table
Sitting at a small taco stand along the bay in the town of La Cruz, a bunch of 4 foot crazy orange iguanas cruised through the huanacaxtle trees and provided excellent close up entertainment. Tough looking, and fast moving dudes.

4 foot iguanas in the huanacaxtle trees right above our
table at a restaurant in La Cruz

Free margaritas at a new place on the beach.
Nice spot!

Sunset scene as we walked along the beach

Scenes from the engine room: trying to figure out
why our radar isn't working
Of course, boat projects continue on Pura Vida, including the effort to determine why our radar isn't working. We have a second radar, not sure why but it was there when we bought the boat, but now we understand why! And, other projects you don't want to know about that keep us hopping and ensuring the boat runs smoothly when we are underway.

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