Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas with friends, images of Topo

In front of the Topo power plant

At the bus station to Los Mochis

Margarita anyone? Fresca
& El Cabrito tequila (the Goat)
at the market in Topo
Colonial building in Topolobampo
 Some images of our short visit in Topolobampo. Behind Mike is the huge frame for the big game fish you can catch.
A quick stop in the grocery store on New Year's Eve - welcomed by the huge display of Fresca and cheap tequila - margaritas, Mexican style!

This town has a lot of interesting history, check out this brief story at:
Wonderful Christmas Potluck with good friends at their new home in San Carlos
 We spent a lovely Christmas Day with our good friends who recently purchased a beautiful home in San Carlos. Turkey roasted on the grill! Ham cooked in the toaster oven. The house didn't come with an oven so, as cruisers, you compromise. Results were stunning.
Christmas Day in the kitchen at our friends' home

View from the marina to the hills of Topolobampo

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