Saturday, May 11, 2013

Diving, dolphins & prepping Pura Vida for summer

Celebrating Loreto Fest
Recently left Puerto Escondido’s annual Loreto Fest. Mike’s was anxious to head toward Guaymas and I wanted to see the hubbub of Loreto Fest. We compromised on 1 day. Ironically, we won round one in the bocce tournament so stayed a second day.

Bocce tournament on the beach - with SV Tortuga
Off to Loreto to provision, anchoring on the city’s edge in shallow roadstead (no protection from wind). Then to Puerto Escondido, 'hidden harbor' - a truly lovely area tucked into mountains and protected from the sea. The mountains are so beautiful! I tried to photograph but unable to capture the colors, nuances and dimensions of it all.

Rafa, our Dive Master
Finally dove while visiting Loreto/Puerto Escondido area! One 76 minute dive in 66 – 69 degree water – Judy wearing 3 layers, hood and gloves and still chilly – tropical diving?!? Amazing amounts of creatures large and small, deftly pointed out by dive master, Rafa with Dolphin Dive Center. It was excellen: Starfish, stingrays, blennies, nudibranch, lobster, eels…

Kayaking around bird-filled islands at Playa Santispac
Good morning: a dolphin celebration
Arrived yesterday in San Carlos after passage from Baja California to mainland. Crossing 18.5 hours, last 4 hrs lumpy seas from the E and winds 14 - 18 NE. This year, we’re doing 6 hr watches – the ‘norm’ is 3. Mike 7PM to 1AM, Judy 1AM - 7AM. After a star-studded night due to the new moon, the sun arose at 7. While photographing the sunrise, dolphins came up from the dark water and raced across the waves toward Pura Vida, the sun shining through their spray as they leapt. Pretty cool.

Spending 2 days cleaning salt water from Pura Vida and preparing for long term storage on the hard. Off to free marina tomorrow outside Guaymas to remove sail #3 of 4, then haul out Monday. A few days to put Pura Vida to bed for the season then bus to Phoenix where our friends await and we head to Portland on 5/22. 

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