Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh the Joy of a Hot Shower!

showering at anchor

After 8 days on the water, a hot shower is something special - you dream of hot water flowing freely - and consistently - drenching your body in clean. 

We’re super conscientious about water consumption and a shower is a luxury. We also swim and wash our hair in the sea - fish swimming around you and the taste of salt on your tongue. However, nothing beats a shower where the water flows, hot and steamy and you can let it run. And you don’t have to worry about being bit in the butt by a fish.

Our salt water-friendly Savon du Mer (soap of the sea) works pretty well. You jump in the sea (or like me, you tiptoe in via the ladder) , soap up and get a bit of a fresh water rinse – standing on deck with the solar shower hanging from the forward staysail. No worries, no class. You’re celebrating clean. We also sport an on board shower that rocks (as far as showers we’ve seen on other boats). 

avoiding the nets of huge shrimper boats en route

Dolphins swimming alongside Pura Vida - very cool!
Enjoying dinner with good friends in Puerto Vallarta
We have been underway since early March and the last few weeks have been a grand time of seeing cruising friends from last season, meeting new friends, exploring, experiencing dolphins and sea turtles on the surface, and the moon phases increasing with each night’s passage.

Now we are in La Paz, the moon is ¾ and filling the night sky with light. The marina is filled with sailboat anchor lights, solar lights and the occasional dock light. The palm trees disappear into the night sky after magical sunsets of ice cream colors.

We leave La Paz this morning for islands north with anchorages that are quiet and remote. We wonder if we’ll be boarded by the Mexican park patrol looking for park permits. The Mexican government is sold out so you can’t get one, but you're expected to have one anyway. It’s a great thing they are protecting the islands around La Paz, and we'd be glad to buy one if they were available.

 Sunset colors astound
We walked the malecon to meet friends north of the city for a dinner – 2 mile walk along the most incredible boulevard - walkers, runners, street vendors, lovers, bikes, and tykes. All are enjoying the magic that is La Paz.

Ice cream stores abound and we enjoy a midday ice cream to break the high 80s heat. A walk along the malecon, venturing to back streets filled with street vendors, treacherous sidewalks and the mixed bag of a Mexican street -  closed stores, small shops, graffiti, a potato chip vendor, a hot dog vendor. You watch every step you take, I tripped on 2 small sidewalk steps even while watching.

Our boat is safe in Marina La Paz – we waited a few days in the anchorage to get a slip. It’s great to get into the marina to wash the boat, clean the salt off, take on fresh water, fuel and provision for the next destinations. Mike fixes a hole in the dinghy – our mode of transportation while at anchor, so that’s very important to us.

Ready for our ATV ride in the dusty mountains 
Good friends from Vancouver WA visited over their spring break – we explored La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias, Las Varas and Chacala. One highlight was an amazing 11 zipline day trip in the mountains east of PV. Starts with 2 hours on ATV, then zipline down the mountains, followed by a mule ride and tequila experience - tasting various tequilas and learning the process. 

We’ve added 2 new albums to our photo gallery:
Tony & Michelle’s visit
La Cruz to La Paz

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