Friday, March 16, 2012

Portland, Here we come!

It's hard to believe that in May it'll be one year since Judy quit her job, we downsized our lives, and made the transition to live aboard Pura Vida to prepare for this incredible journey. Every aspect of this time is enriching and life-changing. As I sit here writing in a palapa restaurant in the magical sea village of Chacala, with the sea breeze blowing on my face and mariachi band playing, we are thankful beyond belief for this great adventure.

Our 6-month Mexican Tourist Visas expire on May 1st - we didn't expect to stay in Mexico this long but it's a rich and wonderful country - and we fly to Portland on the 2nd. Shamelessly, we are seeking your help to secure 6 month employment opportunities for both of us, and really appreciate any referrals or ideas! We are ready to start work on May 3rd.

We look forward to seeing family and friends, driving a car for the first time since September, oh - and Judy is looking forward to Chinese food! We've traversed thousands of miles, explored coastal and inland destinations, and have come to love the cruising lifestyle. We've decided to leave our boat in San Carlos, Sonora (northern Mexico above the hurricane latitude for insurance). Our hope is to return in November to explore more of Mexico, join our cruising friends on journeys south and see what the winds bring.

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  1. Where are you guys now? I've been following your blog as much as I can. We have been in San Carlos for TWO MONTHS but leaving tomorrow for Bahia San Pedro (about 15 nm north) and then will scoot across to Chivato on Sunday or Monday. So sorry to think we will miss meeting you as we are from Portland, too. Vancouver actually. We came down in '08 and have been spending winters here since. If we don't see you before you head north, be sure to go to JJ's in San Carlos for tacos and tell him Chris sent you. We will hope to meet you in the fall. Safe travels. Sandy & Chris S/V Faith

  2. How fun! Contact me when you're back. I might have a couple projects to help fill your time :) Jules