Monday, November 7, 2011

Sailed into Cabo – burned but otherwise unscathed!

We are safely ensconced in Cabo San Lucas after an amazing journey along the entire Baja California coast, stopping at two ports before arriving in Cabo with what remained of the flotilla. The original group was 171 boats, of which somewhere around 130 made it. We are proud to be part of the fleet that made it! Winds permitting, we sailed about 40% of the journey of 750 miles.

We have such an incredible sense of accomplishment for having traversed the many, many miles from Seattle to Cabo. The entire west coast of the US and Mexico, with a side trip to Canada and plenty of adventures along the way.

As usual, internet is such a luxury/ In fact, we had to buy margaritas at the Tiki Lounge just to get online. Seriously, though, it’s a good thing I am not counting the number of hours wasted trying to get internet access.

We sailed into the beautiful (but heavily built up and commercialized) bay on 3 November. We celebrated with various Baja Ha-Ha participants patting ourselves on the back to relish in our accomplishment. At the closing ceremony on 5 Nov, all received awards, and we were 3rd in the “Frijole Division” comprised of about 10 similar size/style sailboats.

We are preparing the boat to leave tomorrow for the next phase of our trip - heading slowly to La Paz!! This will be a more relaxed journey with stops along the way, to finally do some warm water diving (yea!) and enjoy some of the beautiful country that we are currently calling “home”.

P.S.  the burns: Mike making coffee on the sloshy seas and he seriously burned his hand. Judy burned both hands in the girls/guys tug of war at Bahia Santa Maria beach party, injuring 8 of my 10 digits, now finally healing.


  1. Judy's cousin, Paula, here! Surrounded by land in Madison, Wisconsin (55 degrees on 11/25). Just read the entire blog (I think). Amazing adventure. I really enjoyed reading about your accomplishments, learning and perspectives. You've given me so much to think about regarding conveniences to which I've grown accustomed. Wishing you all the best!

  2. How are u 2 doing? Hope you are enjoying calm seas and warm weather. Need an update on the blog here, you know living vicariously requires reports from you. We were in Tx for Thanksgiving visiting family. Any idea where you might be in some air miles built up.
    Greg and Connie