Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just starting month 4 on board - so, here are "Key Learnings" to date

Judy's Top 10 "key learnings" in these first three months! They change daily, so here's today's compilation...
1. Complacency is never a good thing
2. One hand on the boat at all times
3. Panic S-L-O-W-L-Y (credit to Captain Chuck, our Canadian instructor)
4. Have a back up plan for everything you do. As our friend Steve says, "Schmitt happens" so be prepared (there are no AAA offices on the ocean)
5. Deploy the liferaft only after securing the painter (lifeline) to the boat first - go figure
6. The "3 second rule" of dropping food increases exponentially the longer you're on board
7. Laundromats are the great equalizer
8. Treat the 3 feet between your boat and the water as if it were 3,000 (credit to a young captain we met in Astoria)
9. It's good to have friends (on and off the water)!
10. The word "just" no longer applies when you live on a boat - nothing is fast


  1. Great read, almost feel like we are onboard! Looking at weather hunkering down in San Diego may be a good idea for a bit. In any case I think you two have completely grasped the "its the journey not the destination" concept. Really looking forward to meeting up with you somewhere south; got air miles, just need to get this business back on track. Thinking of you two lots and vicariously traveling with you.
    Best to you both.

  2. Judy thanks for continuing to share your experiences and your Key Learnings, one has to wonder if you learned all of these the hard way.
    Stay safe and keep enjoying it, it will carry you through all your future years. I still live vicariously off the 22 year old me that spent 2 months backpacking throughout Thailand as a tourist and amateur photographer.


  3. Love the liferaft rule - cracked me up! Thanks for the updates, and we are awfully jealous of the hot weather we hear you're having down there. It's raining here, of course!

    Love, L and C